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These are questions frequently asked by models interested in booking jobs and/or generally working with Blue Blood. Here editor Amelia G answers your questions.

What does look for in models?
Do I have to have tattoos?
Do I have to live in Los Angeles or visit Los Angeles to be on
Can I shoot with anyone I want and submit the photo sets to for publication?
How explicit does a shoot have to get?
What is the difference between and
How do I get a free membership to
Where will images of me appear?
How likely is it that I will appear in a print publication too?
How can I get Blue Blood swag like T-shirts and hoodies?
I love free swag and free site memberships and free magazines, but tell me about the pay and special $$$ bonuses?
Do I have to already be modeling on before I can refer a new photographer?
What is a photo set?
What is content trade?
How much input do I have on my styling and look? Do you use makeup artists and stylists?
Should I show up at the shoot already in makeup with my hair done?
What wardrobe should I bring to the shoot?
Can I bring my wig collection?
What if I do not have a car?
What should I expect on a shoot with Forrest Black and Amelia G?
Can I talk smack about other people and sites during the shoot and complain about how hard my life is?
Can I bring an escort for my shoot?
What if I have trouble standing perfectly still?
How old do I have to be to appear on Blue Blood sites?
Can I still model for if I have appeared on other sites?
Can I still model for if I have done mainstream Porn Valley porn?
Is your contract exclusive? Can I still appear on other sites after shooting for
Can I still shoot for if I have my own membership site or plan to have one some day?
Can I get paid for sending members to
Can I see the raw files from the shoot?
I'm not really very sexually experienced and I don't want to show my naughty bits on camera and I'm not very good-looking, but I sure would like to get with one of your incredibly hot models, so can you set up a photo shoot?
I'm pretty attractive and open-minded and I sure would like to get with one of your incredibly hot models, so can you set up a photo shoot?
I'm an aspiring altmodel and I've never slept with a woman before, but I think it would be my ticket to fame if I did a shoot with one of your incredibly hot models, so can you set up a photo shoot?
Can I change our arrangement after I sell a photo set or model for
I am very uncomfortable on camera, but is there any way I can still participate in Blue Blood?
How can I submit photo sets or proof of age offline? How about clothing for product placement in photo sets?
What if I still have questions?
What are the details on the $1,000 photographer referral bonus?
How can a model receive an extra $400 per year for participation?
How often can a model or photographer submit sets and how often should they expect them to be accepted and posted?
Can I still model for if I am not slender?
What kind of ID will I need and what is proof of age?

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