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What wardrobe should I bring to the shoot?

If you are setting up a shoot with a photographer in your location, the number of outfits is up to you, but you can probably shoot a few sets in an afternoon or evening if you have a good rapport with your photographer and more sets equals more pay and more chances to strut your stuff. I like models to bring six (6) to eight (8) outfits and aim to shoot four of them. Ideal gear is whatever your most extravagant and flamboyant clothing is that you would wear out. If you would wear it to go to a cool club, it is probably good wardrobe to bring with you. Bring wardrobe which accentuates your personal style. If you enjoy a deathrock look, then layered and strategically ripped fishnet and gauze may be the thing. If you are a bit of a fetish vamp, then latex and corsets may be just the thing. If you are a fandom vixen, then elf ears and a chainmail bikini may be in order. Pretty much everyone benefits from big boots. The idea is to aim for a perfect version of your true self.

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