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What does look for in models?

We enjoy publishing a variety of body types, both male and female. The most important thing to me is that someone I shoot have that certain something, star quality, individuality, passion of personal expression to put in front of the lens.

Although I shoot a lot of fashion and music work, I have a strong preference for photographic subjects who are, not only comfortable nude but who have something they want to express. I especially like cool hair too i.e. unnatural colors, dreadlocks, mohawks, super long, deathhawks, braids, etc.

It is important that you actually want to shoot and want to do what you are planning to do on camera. The original Blue Blood magazine in print featured exclusively interactive pictorials of people who were lovers in real life, who would be doing what they were doing, whether or not a camera was present. publishes both Blue Blood's Signature World Famous Couples sets and solo sets. publishes photo galleries which are about a particular topic of interest i.e. a nightclub, a convention, a clothing designer, a rock show, a premiere party, etc. So models generally need to be appropriate for one of the Blue Blood formats or they may commission a shoot themselves for their purposes.

I most enjoy photographing people where there is a genuine artistic collaboration and where they have something to say and something they do besides getting their picture taken. For example, I would shoot an interesting-looking musician or author who was down for my project, over an interesting-looking model who was exclusively a model.

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